Tuesday, January 22, 2013

November in pics

Little miss Gwynnie is one fussy baby! I have never ever had a tough baby and boy oh boy I now understand people who say, "if I had had her first, there wouldn't be anymore." I know you have all heard someone say that and I for one used to think that was so dramatic and rather harsh but now, oh I totally get it! Her sweet smiles and coos are just what I need to remind me that every single minute it is worth it, but getting through the days is just plain tough. I kept thinking she was just colicky and once 3 months hit, she would magically transform, but three months came and went, and here we are at 4 months...and still lots and lots of crying.

Time to speed through November!!
Dressed in her brothers' PJs
Bath time fun! Silly little monkeys!
Working on editing with Sarah

Just plain cute and still lovin' to suck on those fingers!

This is what I found the boys doing one day while I was trying to load the dishwasher and fold a load of laundry. Just in case you are wondering that is a Twizzler tied to the power wheels and they said they were skiing! Davis' idea of course :)

Both boys had Thanksgiving feasts at school and we enjoyed sharing in them with our little Indians!



One random Saturday Chris needed to go downtown so I thought it would be fun if we all went to the Pirate's House. My friend's dad owns it and let me just say he has turned that place around! The food was awesome and the boys had a blast, especially dressing daddy up!!

The next day, the boys sang at church for the Thanksgiving meal. It was Davis' first time on the "stage" and he was very excited. They did great!

We had a fun family Thanksgiving at my grandmother's farm and of course I didn't take any pictures mainly because Gwyn had a rough day but she did survive her first Thanksgiving and that is a huge praise! :) Here is a pic of her in her turkey outfit Mimi made from a different day.
The day after, we met the Powers family to get our tree. This has become a tradition for us that our boys really look forward to. We got to get a "big boy" tree this year since we have taller ceilings in the new house and it was so much fun!

 Having John around is like having a third son! Haha :)

Yep there she is in all her glory!! At least we will remember the moment :)

Last but not least, a few randoms...
Fun times with Emily McGlone

Kiddo tree in the playroom and Mommy's shopping helper!

Silly silly boys

Gwynnie in her jeggings and night cuddles with Daddy

Still finger sucking and my 1st baby feeding my last baby

Welcome December!!