Saturday, February 2, 2013

December Catch Up

Well here it is actually mid January but I'm just now getting around to updating the blog with all of December! Christmas was so much fun this year with three kiddos. We had not one or two parties but FOUR at our new house in December so suffice it to say, we are still relaxing around here! Well, let's be honest we are never relaxing around here BUT we are hanging on and believing that things will mellow out at some point, maybe in like 18 or so years when we are "empty nesters" haha!
2012 Picture with Santa
Just when I think I can't handle one more second, I look at this pic of Watt and shut my mouth really really fast! :)
This is one of my very best friends since 7th grade and she had her two little boys via IVF and then miracle SURPRISE twin girls. We have so much fun calling each other to vent. Don't think I could make it without her to talk to some days.

Gwynnie's first Christmas!

Sweet little Hopie girl

The boys were in a Christmas play at church and made quite a cute shepherd and cow if I do say so myself! Audrey was precious as Mary.

Gwynnie missed the whole show because she was too busy crying, but as soon as it was over she was bright eyed again, of course!
Grady was so handsome in his Christmas chapel program at school. When everyone went around and said what they were thankful for, he said Jesus, and let's just say Davis got a kick out of that.
 Grady loves Mrs. Martin and Mrs. Sinclair
 Good times with sweet friends
Growing up too fast!!

Here are a few Iphone randoms from the month! Some days all I can do is snap a pic so that I can remember how cute they are on the outside since the inside is a tough tough thing to parent! I am sure God feels the same way about all of us every single day!
 The boys had a blast with Emily McGlone while we watched the Dawgs lose the SEC Championship
 This is one of my favs of Gwyn. Such a big girl trying out Bena's walker
 I can definitely see some similarities between Gwyn and me but those eyes are her daddy's for sure!

 Paci time and fun at the park. Gwyn's first time swinging!

 Davis at the Happy Birthday Jesus party at church
 Decorating Bena & Papa's tree!

 Gwynnie in her new hat!! Too cute!

 Scootering in the rain                                       Trying rice cereal for the first time!

 She loved her play mat until a few days later when she learned to roll EVERYWHERE!
 This right here will go down in the memory books as one of the funniest moments. I snapped the pic and then looked and thought I might fall on the floor. Dad says it should be captioned "Insolent Grandchild"
 Tug of War!
I was getting ready to go for a run and came out of the bathroom and found Davis wearing all my gear. He cracks me up!

Davis had a Christmas party at school and let's just say he is a "head above the class!" Haha
 I met Grady's class at the Westin to look at the gingerbread houses and we had a lot of fun!

We had all of my family over the night before Christmas Eve to celebrate and at the end I made them all sing Christmas carols. Fun memories!

 On Christmas Eve morning we headed to Posey and Jason's for our annual breakfast. Each year the kiddos multiply but sadly, I think little Gwynnie will be the last baby of all of our crews.

Christmas Day is finally here!
 Gwynnie's stash
 Grady's load
 Davis' loot
 Waiting in excitement
 Men on missions

 Grady was so exciting that Santa left him a note!

 Jammin to the new CD player

 Their favorite toys...Davis' bike and Grady's rescue bot fire station

 Hopie is always the most thankful for her new stuffed animal and doesn't put it down all day!
 Gwynnie liked her new big girl highchair

 Daddy was all worn out. Opening packages can be exhausting!
 Gwyn with her sweet big brothers
 Daddy got in on the fun!

That night we headed to Mimi and Poppy's. We were so bummed because Uncle Stephen, Tate and Cal were all sick so it just wasn't the same without them. The boys loved their leap pads though and we enjoyed relaxing after a long day!

The day after Christmas, Daddy left to go dove hunting in Argentina. Reason 7,898 I will come back in my next life as him haha. Anyway, we had a great time because Victoria came and stayed with us while Daddy had a blast literally!
 Transformers more than meets the eye!
 Stomp rockets!

This was 8 minutes into the ride!
Chris got home on New Years Eve which also happened to be my Dad's 60th bday. Hopie turned 10 on the 30th, Bena's is Jan 3rd and Grady's is Jan 6th so we decided to relax and grill out and have one big family birthday celebration to ring in the new year!

 Love my sweet Mama!
 Perfect way to say hello to 2013!

Happy New Year!